Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just got accepted into the Masters program in linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University. And I love dead languages. Hence the blog name, get it? Get it?

I think Latin is cool. I think Ancient Greek is cool. I speak one, however hesitatingly. I read the other, however slowly. I think you should give 'em a try if you haven't. If you have, I hope that some of what I post is of value.

I think linguistics is pretty cool. What's the fuss? It's only the study of a tool we all use every day. A lot of what I post will be musings about what I'll be learning in the program. I hope some of that will be of value.

If I'm lucky I'll manage to make them both happen in the same post.

And other times, I'll write about other things. I'm not at all sure, since this is a work in progress. In the mean time, have a vicarious trip to grad school on me.