Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Registered for class

Or did I?

Apparently I have to register online, since I can't register in person. I don't like this, since I'm way old school. Anyway, I did manage to register online, I think. Why? The online registration area blew up on me. I couldn't check back to verify. No e-mail confirmation. Nothing. Grumble.

I guess this is my love-hate relationship with the internet. At least I think I'm registered for classes. I'm sure when I bring payment, it will be very obvious. I hope I can pay in person! Hahaha. We'll see. I'm headed in to campus next Tuesday for a variety of reasons. First installment of tuition is what I hope to take care of. Maybe a nice college shirt or sweatshirt.

Class begins 9 January 2012.